Connect and become
part of our community

This is the place for you to connect and become part of our community. Our purpose is to strengthen Swiss-American business and cultural relationships in Florida through:

  • Curated, objective-based networking events
    We organize professional networking events, round tables, company visits and informal conversations in an effort to bring the Swiss-American business community together.
  • Personalized guidance on support services and business expertise
    We offer peer-to-peer, experience-based analyses and recommendations e.g. curated legal, immigration, HR, tax, real estate and financial experts and provide essential information about doing business in these two markets.
  • Thought leadership
    We contribute with thought leadership creating real impacts in cutting-edge topics linked to business transformation, innovation, supply chain, digital, technology, circularity …
  • Mentorship
    We offer mentorship from seasoned Swiss and US business executives to our members
  • Access to latest relevant Swiss – US information
    We offer relevant and impactful information through the newsletter and year book
  • Opportunity to apply for J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.
    See here for more information about the J-1 program.
Click here to open an interactive map about the Swiss Impact in the United States.

Find data related to

  • Employment
  • Export of goods and services
  • Import of goods and services

As well as the list of the known Swiss companies in each state