Apr 14, 2023

Connecting Atlanta to the World through City Diplomacy

This morning, SACC Vice-Chairman Alain Lafourcade represented the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Chapter at the Metro Atlanta Chamber panel discussion ““Connecting Atlanta to the World through City Diplomacy”.


  • Andre Dickens, Mayor of Atlanta
  • Paige Alexander, CEO, The Carter Center
  • Katie Kirkpatrick, President and CEO, Metro Atlanta Chamber
  • Jon Temin (moderator), Vice President of Policy & Programs, Truman Center

Atlanta is a global gateway and logistics hub, home to Fortune 500 companies, news outlets, and academic institutions. It is building an international engagement strategy that connects economic opportunity to the global fight for justice and equality.

The discussion explored the way “city diplomacy” impacts our life, shaping policies and projects. It was very interesting to hear the 3 panelists view. One of the main highlight was: “Not only can the world learn from the US, but we, as a country as well as a city, can learn from the world.”

Major Dickens insisted on the need of a “City to City” diplomacy. To exchange about topics such as affordable housing, healthcare, public transports, city policies, etc.

Thank you MAC for hosting this event.